help needed with zetec engine wiring

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help needed with zetec engine wiring Empty help needed with zetec engine wiring

Post by pms0010 on Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:37 am

hi im new to this forum so firstly hello
i have just fitted a 1800 zetec into my early mk5 cabriolet the engine and gear box etc came complete from a 1998 escort gti i bought to break for this project
i bought a early mondeo ecu and done the mondeo to escort ecu hack changing pins about to get around having to wire up the pats
the problem i have now is the 12 pin multi plug that connects to the car loom can anyone tell me where i connect these wires to please they are as follows

pin1 .violet/blue traced to the coil plug
pin2. black/blue traced to pin 53 on ecu
pin3 .white/black traced to pin 4 on ecu
pin4 .black/green
pin5. violet/blue traced to engine
pin6. white/green traced to engine
pin7. orange/yellow traced to pin 1 on ecu
pin8. violet/yellow traced to lamda plug
pin9. violet/white traced to pin 49 on ecu
pin10. violet/blue
pin11. black/yellow traced to pin 35 on ecu
pin12. red/white traced to engine

if any one can tell me where these wires get connected to in the car i.e lives ignition lives earths etc it would be appreciated as this is the last thing to do i hope to get this running
thanks in advance


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