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2.0 Zetec Preparation Empty 2.0 Zetec Preparation

Post by Davespages on Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:11 am

So your gonna put a 2.0 silvertop mondeo zetec engine in your fiesta or escort.

Well this guide is on a similar line to the engine prep JayC did for his 2.0 Fiesta Si

While the prep is similar, in fact identical to Jays Fiesta Specific Guide, Heres a Guide by me, with different pictures and worded differently.

Under No circumstances do i want to tread on JayC's toes, his guide is comprehensive and to the point.
I originaly planned to do an escort specific guide, but with regards to prep... its virtually the same for escort or fiesta.

Both Guides are not copied and pasted from websites, they are written from experience.
Hopefull both of these will be of use to you.


So firstly you need a Silvertop 2.0 Mondeo engine.
You dont need the Gearbox.

2.0 Zetec Preparation 100d3735

Shopping list of bits...

All of the bits below could be sourced from your original engine (if you have a 1.6/1.8 zetec engine) or as i did... from a suitable
Escort/Fiesta 1.6/1.8 Zetec Silvertop engine in the scrap yard so that your not stripping a good engine.

Oil Pickup Pipe
Oil Pump
Brand NEW water pump (for escort 1.6/1.8 zetec)

Right, the engine.

For the time being, strip the engine bare.
Remove the Inlelt manifold, Exhaust Manifold, Starter, Alternator, Ancilerries bracket and the sump.

2.0 Zetec Preparation 100d3775

With the sump off, you need to remove the Oil Pick-up pipe.

2.0 Zetec Preparation 100d3776

To leave the bare block with no sump or pickup pipe

Now you need to strip the cam belt assemlbly off.

2.0 Zetec Preparation 100d3785

- Slacken the cam belt tensioner to release the cam belt, This requires a 17mm spanner or Socket.
- Slip the cam belt off the camshaft pulleys.
- With a chunky allen key in the notches of the flwheel and against the sump face Jam the engine solid and undo the crank pulley, this will require considerable leverage and i found the engine moved alot when trying to undo it.
- With the crank pulley removed unbolt the black plastic cover.
- Remove the Cambelt sprocket and washer.

(Although the photo shows the cam belt tensioner still fitted, it will be removed)
2.0 Zetec Preparation 100d3787

Now you need to remove

- Oil Pump
- Water Pump

2.0 Zetec Preparation 100d3789

- Remove the flywheel (this is very tight like the crank pulley, so requires two sockets 16 or 18mm i believe, one for undoing, the other to hold the fly wheel.

2.0 Zetec Preparation 100D3832


- Fit the new (smaller) Flywheel. It will only bolt to the crank one way, the bolts are spaced unevenly to make it fit one way.
Torque the flywheel bolts to 110Nm (81lbs.ft)
- Fit the REPLACEMENT fiesta/escort Oil Pump
- Fit the NEW water pump
- Fit the escort/fiesta oil pickup pipe
- Fit the new Sump
- Refit the cambelt sprocket and washer
- Fit the new cam belt tensioner and cam belt kit onto the engine.
- Refit the cambelt sprocket cover
- Refit the crank pulley and torque to 115Nm (85lbs.ft)

The reason behind changing the oil pump is that the mondeo pump filter plate is flush, meaning the filter will at 90 degrees to the engine... ok in a mondeo but in as fiesta/escort it will catch the chassis rail.
The escort/fiesta one skews in at an angle so the filter sits within the chassis rail.

2.0 Zetec Preparation 100D3826

It is possible to use a short filter likle a cvh filter but its best practise to use the correct oil pump so you can use the larger (more effective) zetec oil filter.

Flywheel, the 2.0 flywheel is larger in diamter and thicker. So it will not fit in your iB5 gear box.

Left: Escort Flywheel. Right: Mondeo 2.0 Flywheel.
2.0 Zetec Preparation 100D3829

Here is the engine with all the bits re-fitted.

(Excuse the missing head - i went a step further and later fitted a gasflowed head)
2.0 Zetec Preparation 100D3831

When actually removing your current engine from your escort, label up EVERY WIRE, EVERY PIPE, take photo's if need be.
Dont forget to remove the battery and de-preassurise the fuel system.
Saftey First!

I wont go into detail on swapping the engines over... the Haynes manual gives a good breakdown of this.

The idea is to swap a few things once the old engine is on the floor next to the new one.
Basicly dress the 2.0 up like the 1.6/1.8 you just pulled out.

- Remove the manifolds, ancileries and thier brackets from old engine.
- Fit the ancileries bracket, manifolds, alternator, starter and gearbox to the 2.0 block.
- Swap PCV (rubber crank case breather valve on front of engine)
- Swap dipstick for 1.8/1.6 item.
- Fit (preferablly new) Clutch kit for 1.6/1.8 escort
- Fit Original Gearbox

- Refit Engine just as you removed it, plug in wires and pipes where they are lablled to be. Dont forget earth wires.
- Refit Battery
- Turn key, it should start.

Now that its in and running on your current 1.6/1.8 management, you need to upgrade to a 2.0 ECU. It will run ok on 1.6 management and fine on 1.8 management but the 2.0 ecu fuels better and the engine pulls better for this.

Unlike the 2.0 Conversion in a fiesta (Which the ecu is plug and play) The mondeo to Escort ecu change involves a little bit of re-wiring so Click Here for more infortmation

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2.0 Zetec Preparation Empty engine up grade

Post by sawbo on Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:43 am

Hi Fantastic to see pictures of the procedure, with the old zetec. Im in process of building an anglia van with a 1500 gt engine, but once its on the road Im looking for a 2000lt engine for my van, I hope to find the best engine to build up ready for a straight swap. so information like this is invaluable.
ive bin looking at fleabay and you can pick up the st170 engines!!!!!!!!!! would any one no or have any photos of the conversion of this any thoughts would be appreciated
ps GOOD SITE !!!!


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2.0 Zetec Preparation Empty Re: 2.0 Zetec Preparation

Post by Davespages on Sun Dec 07, 2008 4:08 pm

ST 170 engines are the blacktop zetec with Variable valve timing.
The engine mount on the cambelt side is only 5mm different to the silvertop engine mount.

For more info sign up on www.ford-force.com (our propper site) as this is just the "back-up" site when our main site undergoes upgrades etc...

2.0 Zetec Preparation Sig
Escort Gti
2.0 16v 153bhp, 141ft.lbs
Davespages 2002-2007

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2.0 Zetec Preparation Empty Re: 2.0 Zetec Preparation

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