Escort Mk6 Dial Illumination Modification

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Escort Mk6 Dial Illumination Modification

Post by Davespages on Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:05 am

This is a follow on from Georgio's Guide, the method is the same (nearly)

Firstly, to get to the clock set you need to remove the dash, remove the 3 heater dials, then the 2 screws above the clock set recess and then lever the dash console (shown in silver) out using a flat screwdriver)

Listen out for loads of metal clips, as these will fall down behind the dash and are needed to clip the dash back in.

Right, You will need to unclip the switch plugs...

fog lights
rear window demister
light adjustment (if fitted)
fan control
dash illumination plug

You will also need to unclip the white lever that operates the open/close flap for the air vents, the vents themselves and push in clips and just unclip when pressed firmly at either side.

Removing the clock set is merely 4 star head screws.

Pull as far as the clock set will allow, if this isn't enough to get your hand over and round the back, then pop the bonnet and pull up and give the speedometer cable (routed along some clips at the back of the engine and bulk head) some slack so the clock set can pull out a bit more.
2 right angled multiplug connectors need to be removed first then you need to remove the odometer cable by squeezing the large white clip hard, then pull the clock set away from the dash and it should pop off, this needs to be done at the same time as squeezing the clip, its tricky at first but it will come undone.

Once out, remove the two bulbs/holder from the top and lift the printed circuit connection away.

Then unclip the clock set front the front fascia by the 4 push in clips holding the black and white sections together, i found a flat screwdriver helped here.

The clock set will separate into this...

On the front fascia, were interested in the white light fixing in the photo below....

Here you need to cut this off the fascia, i used a Stanley knife and a hacksaw,
Stanley knife to remove the glue from around the white plate... then a hacksaw on one corner, to get a flat screwdriver behind. Then wedge the plate up using the screwdriver while cutting the glue with the Stanley knife.

When off, this is the offending article..

And the silly green filter...

This filter is easily removed with a screwdriver... just break it out, you don't need it!

This leaves...

Next, you need the LED/Bulbs to install, we used 3 in total, an interior light one and two regular style 12v blue leds.

Wires wrapped around and then soldered.

The white plastic section, placed back into the front fascia..

We put tape over the holes to keep out dust.

At this point we super glued the white plate back onto the fascia.

We pushed an LED through each side (where the black tape is) to give 3 lots of lights....

Once the Leds were positioned correctly (they were sanded a bit to frost the led, to make them LESS directional) we secured them with a touch of superglue on the inside - actually on the LED, and on the tape, around the wires exiting the clock set.

Wired in to the sidelights - a wire running to the sidelights plug on the dash console (by the heater plugs)

So here you go, it looks much better in the dark, bear in mind, this was about 9ish and wasn't really dark yet....


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