Ford Escort Alarm Fault Finding

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Ford Escort Alarm Fault Finding

Post by Davespages on Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:04 am

If an error occurs in locking or unlocking the vehicle, you may notice the red light by the clock flashes continually for a minute. It will flash 3 times, then a gap, then once.
It will then repeat the 3 flashes followed a gap and a single flash for a little while and then it stays off.

The user guide says this "Is a malfunction"

You will need to test all the door switches including the bonnet and boot in sequence and in test mode to find out which is at fault.

Once your in the car (through the window or sunroof etc ( Laughing )

With the ignition turned off, car unlocked, all doors closed, boot closed, have The Bonnet open.
Press the bonnet switch on the slam panel FIVE TIMES times, virtually immediately after the last, you should hear a beep, more beeps if you pressed the switch more than once.
(this will come from the horn located in the rear quarter panel)

Now Lock the drivers door, you should hear two beeps then when you unlock it you should hear two more beeps.

Now Open the drivers door, you should hear one beep,

Now Open rear drivers door, you should hear one beep,

Now Operate the tailgate lock without lifting the tailgate, you should hear one beep.
Now Lift the Tailgate you should hear another beep.

Now Open the Passenger door, you should hear one beep,

Now Open rear passenger door, you should hear one beep,

If for any reason you hear no beep when opening a door its that doors micro switch that is faulty.
If for any reason you hear no double beep from the door locks there is a fault on that doors lock switch.
If the tailgate lock doesn't propagate a beep, The fault is with the micro switch on the lock.
If the tailgate doesn't propagate a beep when opening the fault is on the latch micro switch... (if this is the case, you may have noticed the boot light doesn't work or has intermittent function)

Finally, to exit test mode simply leave the switches alone for 20 seconds (by closing the doors) or switch the ignition on, you will hear one more beep and this alerts you that test mode is over.

Hope this helps identify faulty door switches and lock switches Smile


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